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The Partners can always use money. Grass needs mowing, the utilities need to be paid, but we don't have to tell you how much money it takes to live these days. If you're not flush with funds right now, but would like to contribute personal property or a particular skill or service you have, we can always use that too. Your contributions to the Hancock Partners may also be tax deductible and you should consult your accountant.


To make a Monetary Donation by mail, simply print out & mail the completed application along with your check, money order or charge card information. Or use the PayPal button at the bottom of this page to donate money to The Hancock Partners right now using your checking account, or major credit card.


  To Donate your personal property or services via mail please fill out the application here. To Donate your personal property or services on-line or have  question, fill out the form below, and tell us in the "Message" section what you would like to contribute in time and/or resources to the Partners:

  Regardless of what, or how much you give, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


By Mail:

Hancock Partners, LLC
87 East Front Street

Hancock, New York 13783


By Email:

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