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This page is dedicated to the brave men and women of the greater Hancock area

who served their country and made us all proud.


"All gave some. Some gave all."




World War I

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die."
Jean-Paul Sartre


:: Gold Star Boys ::
Charles R. Mason, Cadosia.  Charles Soules, Goulds.  Robert T. Cooper, French Woods.
Roscoe Gibson, Fish's Eddy.  Frank C. Bush,  Cadosia.


Everett Bowen, Hancock, Motor Truck Company 446.
Arthur F,. Bush, Cadosia, Headquarters Troop, 5th Artillery.
Lester Bailey, East Branch, Company E. 126th Infantry.
Arthur Bussman, Hancock, Company E. 23rd Engineers.
Chester Buckley, Burnwood. Ist Pioneer Infantry.
Louis Bloom, East Branch, Company K. Ist Pioneer Infantry.
Ray S. Bishop, Hancock, 52nd Pioneer Infantry.
Edwin B. Beers, Hancock, Graves Registration Service.
Horton Brown, Readburn, Company L, 53rd Infantry.
Frank Burnett, Burnwood, 107thlnfantry.
Ernest Baxter, Harvard.
Peter Cerquz, East Branch, 5Znd Pioneer Infantry.
Charles E. Cooper, LordviJle, 3rd. Battalion, F.A.R.R.
Raymond C. Cook, Hancock, 304th Machine Gun Battalion
Henry Couse, Hancock, Educational Work.
Harry Charles, Fish's Eddy, Company F. 306th Infantry.
Francis Cook, Hancock, 102nd Ammunition Train.
Adelbert Couse, Hancock, 102nd Ammunition Train.
Earl DeKay, Cadosia, Marine Corps,
Howard Doyle, Hancock, 52nd Engineers.
Roland Day, Hancock, Cornpany K, 3 1 Oth Infantry.
John Deck, Long Eddy. Battalion E, 334th Field Artillery.
Ernest DeNio, East Branch, 49th Regiment U.S. Marine Corps.
Harrison DeKay. Hancock. 1OZnd Ammunition Train.
Captain Henry G. Downer, Fish's Eddy, Motor Transport Corps.
Lyndon Early, Fish's Eddy.
Edward C. Eberle, Cadosia, 5th Regiment U.S. Marine Corps.
William Engert, Harvard, Company F. Ammunition Train.
Charles Esolen, Hancock.
Frank Faulkner, Hancock, Company B, 23rdlnfantry.
Henry Faul, Fish's Eddy. Company H. 49th Infantry.
George Faul, Fish's Eddy.
Clair M. Guild, Hancock, Aviation.
Henry Giannandrea, Fish's Eddy.
Roy Hamilton, Burnwood, 2nd Pioneer Infantry.
Melvin Howe, Harvard, Battalion A, 306th Field Artillery.
Eric C. Husted, Hancock, Base Hospital 45.
Willard 1. Holbert, Fish's Eddy, 52nd Pioneer Infantry.
Christopher D. Hoagland, Hancock, 52nd Pioneer Infantry.
Melvin E. Hitt, East Branch, Company K, 303rd Infantry.
William Hinckley, Hancock.
Frank Hinckley, Hancock, Engineer Corps.
George Hall, Hancock. Naval Aviation.
Norman Hinckley, Cadosia, Company H, 61st Infantry, 5th Division.
Austin Johnston, East Branch, 52nd Pioneer Infantry.
N. Fitch Kazenstein, Hancock, Base Hospital 38.
Leon Knickerbocker, Hancock, 13th Regiment U.S. Marine Corps.
Marshall Knickerbocker, Hancock, 1lth Regiment. U.S. Marine Corps.
Harry Knapp, Fish's Eddy, Company F, 107th Infantry.
Louis Kerry, Hancock, 102nd Ammunition Train.
Charles Kirkpatrick, Hancock, 102nd Ammunition Train.
Everett Kneer, Harvard, Battalion F, 5th Field Artillery.
Irving Kleine, Hancock, regular army.
Charles Leonard, Long Eddy, Company C. 7th Infantry.
Leslie LaValley, Hancock,  IIth Regiment U.S. Marine Corps.
Walter LaValley, Long Eddy, Company B, 105th Infantry.
Ralph Medlar, Goulds. Horton Mahon, Hancock.
Charles Mackey, Burnwood, 108th Ambulance Company.
Guy Mackey, Burnwood, I08th Ambulance Company.
Fenton Mackey, Burnwood, 56th Field Artillery.
Thomas Moran, Hancock, Company K, 310th Infantry.
Claude Mahon, Hancock.
Barna Male, Hancock, Company A. 103rd Machine Gun Battalion
John W. Milk, Long Eddy, Company K, 31Oth Infantry.
Aloysius Meyers, Long Eddy, Battalion E. 305th Field Artillery.
Thomas McGranaghan, Hancock, 11Oth Trench Mortar Battery.
Edmund McGranaghan, Hancock, Headquarters Company 105th Field Artillery. 
Vincent Meyer,, East Branch, Company E. 309th Machine Gun Battalion. 
Cecil Monnin, Hancock, French army.
Leo O'Neil, Hancock, Headquarters Company 109th Infantry.
Paul O'Neil, Hancock, Battallion D, 106th Field Artillery.
Sanford, Odell, Hancock. Arthur Oralls, Harvard, 5th Field Artillery.
Warren Peck, Harvard, Battalion F. 305th Field Artillery.
Chappell Peake. Long Eddy.
Donald C. Price, Hancock, lst Aero Squadron.
Harold Paden, Cadosia, Artillery Instructor.
Norman Paden, Cadosia, 23rd Infantry.
Lester Peake, Hancock. U.S. Marine Corps.
William Rhodes, East Branch, Company L., 105th Infantry.
Harold Randall, Hancock, 102nd Ammunition Train.
Clifford Randall, Hancock, 1O2nd Ammunition Train.
Herbert Richards, Hancock, Army.
Joseph D. Rickard, Long Eddy, Headquarters Company 306th Infantry.
William Roose, Hancock
Charles Rhinebeck, Hancock, Company D. 305th Machine Gun Battalion.
Walter Rickard, Harvard. Aviation Service.
Floyd Staple, Rock Valley. Company G, 312thlnfantry.
Irving Snyder, Rock Valley, Company B, 105th Infantry.
Fred Snyder, Rock Valley, 375th Aero Squadron.
Joseph Seleschia, East Branch, 2nd Anti-Aircraft, Machine Gun Battalion.
Fred Schermerhorn, Hancock, Battalion A, 104th Field Artillery.
Arthur Stocker, Hancock, 108th Ambulance Company.
Louis Skinner, Harvard, Battalion C, 307th Field Artillery.

James A. Staple, Long Eddy. Company 308th Machine Gun Battalion.
Thomas Shea, Long Eddy, Battalion D, 304th Field Artillery.
Leroy Schoonover, Hancock. Roscoe Seymour. Hancock, Signal Corps.
Charles Stoutenberg. Hancock, 696th Motor Transport Corps.
Sherman Shield, East Branch, Company L. Znd Pioneer Infantry.
Lloyd Thomas, Hancock, Medical Department, Base Hospital 80.
Roy Tyler, Hancock, 318th Supply Company.
Asa Tyler, Hancock, Aviation.
Clifford Taylor, Apex Ralph Wheelock, Hancock, Evacuation Hospital 34. 
Lieutenant Burchard Winne, Hancock, navy.
Raymond Wheeler, Fish's Eddy. 
Carlyle Weyrauch, Fish's Eddy, Company F, 49th Infantry.
Allen Welton, Hancock, Supply Company, lst pionoInfantry. 
Ernest Wood, Fish's Eddy.
Samuel Wheeler, Jr., Hancock, Aviation.
Carroll Warren, Lordville, Supply Train, Z7th Division. 
Benjamin Warner, East Branch, 30tth Infantry. *Wounded.

Army in U.S. and Navy

John H. Achejon. Hancock. Medical Department.
Earl J. Allen. Hancock. Medical Department.
Ray Baker, East Branch.
George Blake, Hancock.
John C. Biffar, Long Eddy, army.
Louis Bailey, East Branch, army.
Harry Beecher, Rock Valley, navy.
Walter Babcock, Burnwood, navy.
Raymond Bonnefond, Hancock, naval aviation.
Royal Braize, Burnwood, army.
Ray Baxter, Harvard, army.
Benjamin Birtcher, Hancock, army.
Francis Burnham, Chiloway, army.
Paul Bailey, Long Eddy, navy.
Christian Bach, Long Eddy, army.
Frank Botense, Peakville, army.
Fred Cash, Hancock, army.
Cornelius Comfort. Fish's Eddy, army.
Charles Crumb, Fish's Eddy. army.
Ralph Chrissey. East Branch, army.
Arthur Day, Hancock.
Harry DeKay, Cadosia. naval aviation.
Earl Draffen, Hancock. army.
John Dunn, Hancock, army.
Arthur Decker, Harvard, army.
Nelson Davenport, Fish's Eddy. navy.
Nelson Davenport, Fish's Eddy. navy.
Leon Dapp, Hancock. navy.
Andrew Dunn, Hancock, army.
Joseph Day, Hancock, Central Officers' Training Camp, Waco. Texas.
Phillip Decker, Harvard, army.
Emmet Emrich, Long Eddy, army.
Raymond A. Forester, Hancock, Motor Transport Service.
Henry Grant, Hancock.
William Geiger. Lordville, army.
Edward Guinan, Hancock, Motor Transport Service
Roy Hodencamp, Harvard, army.
Perry Hoffman, Hancock, navy.
George Hoffman, Hancock, navy.
Charles Hoffman, Hancock, navy.
George Hanstine, Hancock, navy.
Philip Hyatt, Hancock.

Clayton Hartz, Hancock, army.
Harvey Johnston, Fish's Eddy.
Chaplain R. A. Kilburn, East Branch, army. 
Lewis Lyman, Fish's Eddy, army.
Mike Link, Hancock, army.
Arthur Mierke, Hancock, army.
George Maudsely, Hancock, army.
Ambrose McGranaghan, Hancock, navy.
Willis McGranaghan, Cadosia.
Charles Milk, Long Eddy, army.
Earl Misner, Burnwood, army.
Eugene McGranaghan, Hancock, Aviation Service. 
Ralph McCarter, Readburn, army.
Ernest Newport, Hancock, army.
Julian Newereione, Cadosia, army. 
Alex Oralls, Harvard, army.
Chaplain V.G. O'Brien, Hancock, army. 
Rocco Possemato, Cadosia, army.
Raymond Peck, Hancock, army.
Patsy Possemato, Cadosia, army.
James Pomeroy, East Branch, army. 
Maurice Peake, Hancock, army.
Floyd Rhinebeck, Fish's Eddy, army.
Henry Rhodes, East Branch, marine corps.
Francis Sculley, Hancock, navy.
Louis Schenck, Hancock.
Guy W. Sheable.  Harvard, army.
Bert L. Sheable, Harvard, army.
Owen Somers, Hancock, navy.
Cecil Schofield, Fish's Eddy, navy.
Carl Snyder, Rock Valley, navy.
Claude Simons, Rock Valley, navy.
Louis Taylor, Hancock, aviation.
Domenic Vetrone, Cadosia, army.
John B. White, Hancock, army, Medical Department. 
Harley A. Williams, Hancock, army, Ordance Department.
Thomas Yesburger, Lordville, army. 
William Zininger, Hancock.


Students Army Training Corps.

Clifton Anderson, Hancock. 
Douglas Bolton, Harvard. 
George Bussman, Hancock. 
Edward Ford, Hancock.
Leo Ford, Hancock.
Russell Keery, Hancock.
Robert Levinson, Hancock.
Jerome McGranaghan, Hancock.
Rudolph Schenk, Hancock.
William Schultz, Hancock.



World War II

"The object of war is not to die for your country

but to make the other bastard die for his."
George S. Patton


:: Gold Star Boys ::
John B. Cappiello, Hancock. 
Donald R. Chamberlain, Hancock.  Willis C. DuMond, PA.
Edward Francis Forrester, Hancock.  Leland Hinkley, Hancock.  Paul Edward McGranghan, Hancock.
Clarence Misner, Hancock.  John F. Moran, Hancock.   Anthony Possemato, Cadosia.
Fredrick S. Shakespeare, Hancock.


Ackerson, William
Adams, Elmer
Akulnsky, John
Allen, Arthur
Arnold, Clifford
Arnold, Fred
Arnoldine, Tony Jr.
Bach, Albert
Bach, Lawernce
Baker, Harold
Ballard, Col. John A.
Ballard, John A. Jr.
Baudendistel, I. C.
Benedict, Donald
Benedict, Harold
Benedict, Roy
Bennett, Scott L. MD
Bennett, Francis
Bennett, Harry
Bennett, Lester
Bennett, Raymond
Bergman, George
Bariman, Charles
Bariman, Edward

Barron, Robert 

Barron, Catherine Dirig
Biggs, David
Biggs, Harold
Bisbee, William
Black, Ernest
Bonnefond, C.
Bonnefond, Robert
Borst, Kenneth
Bossley, Clifford
Bouchoux, Edward
Brannen, Watson
Branning, Emory
Brighamm, Dolores
Brigham, Douglas
Brown, Sherril
Brown, William
Buchanon, Frank
Buchanon, Joseph
Buddenhagan, Henry
Buddenhagan, Wilson
Burke, Clement
Burnside, William
Burtch, Russell
Cappiello, Dominick
Cappiello, Dorothy
Cappiello, John
Cappiello, Peter
Cappiello, Thomas
Card, Everett
Carlson, Edward
Carlson, Merritt
Caruso, Alex
Caruso, Patsy
Caruso, Samuel
Cash, Cornelious
Cash, Raymond
Cassidy, J.S.
Chamberlain, Don
Chamberlain, H.G.
Chamberlain,  Howard
Chamberlain, Wilford
Charles, Douglas
Charles, Robert
Clark, Elton
Clune, Clifford
Coons, Charles
Cooper, Robert
Couch, Leonard
Couse, Hamilton
Couse, Raymond
Crosby, Clifford
Crosby, Ned
Cross, George
DaBrescia, Arthur
DaBrescia, Ralph
Daily, William

Dailey, Clyde

Darling, Lawrence
Davidson, Donald II
Davis, Alvah
Davis, LaVerne
Davis, Percy
Davis, Richard
Duvis, William
Decker, Elisha
Decker, Fred
Decker, Howard
Decker, Roy
DeGraw, Kieth A.
DeGraw, Paul
DeGraw, Robert
Delamarter, Ralph
Delamarter, Seth
DeSerio, Joseph
DeSerio, Paul
Detrick, Forrest
Dewey, Edward
Dewey, Herbert
Dewey, Joseph
Dickson, Mary R.N.
Dingee, Harry
Dirig, Katherine
Dirig, Henry
Dirig, Lawerence
Doolittle, Thurber
Drumm, Robert
Duffy, Joseph
Dufton, Floyd
Dufton, Woodrow
Durland, Albert
Dumond, Harry
Dufton, Donald

Early, Loren
Eberle, Fred
Eberlein, Fred
Eberlein, Harold
Eck, William
Edberg, Edwin
Edwards, Donald
Elfrey, John
Ellet, John Jr.
Elwood, George
Ely, Pauline
English, F.W. Jr.
Erlandson, Charles
Ernie, William Jr.
Esolen, Charles
Ewain, Walter
Emrich, Irvin
English,  Norma
Evanitsky, George
Fagan, Alfred
Fagan,  Paul
Faigle, H. Lawrence
Faling, Kenneth
Faling, Kermit
Fay, Gilbert O.
Ferguson, Marion
Fingado, Glenn
Fingado, Robert
Finkle, Clyde
Fish, Marshall
Fincher, Everelt
Foley, Joyce
Ford, Bartley
Forster, Edward
Fortunato, A.
Fortunato, A.W.
Fortunato, Joseph
Fortunato, Rocco
Francisco, Claire
Franks, Kenneth
Fucci, Joseph
Fuller, Everett
Fuller, Richard
Fish, Franklin R.
Gardner, Mildred
Gerg, Eva May
Gerg, James
Gerg, William
German, Clarence
German, Donald
Gibson, Charles
Gibson, Lawrence
Gibson, Leona
Gilmore, Rodman
Glover, Raymond
Goodrich, Calvin
Gorton, Ernest
Gregory, D.H.
Gross, Harold
Guild, Joanne
Gunster, James
Gales, Michel
Hadlick, Alvin
Hadlick, Glenn
Haight, Donald
Hall, Donald
Hanstine, Henry
Hanstine, Wrren
Hanstine, William Jr.
Harageones G.
Harper, Paul
Harper, Wilson
Hazen, Alva
Hazen, Ralph
Helms, Jerry
Hempstead, Alice
Hempstead, J.A.
Henderson, Malcom
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, William
Hennessey, Gerald
Hennessey, Wayne
Hewitt, Norman
Hewitt, Oliver
Hinkley, Leland
Hoffman, W.G.
Hoffman, William
Holbert, George
Holbert, Raymond
Houck, Lloyd
Houck, Merle
Howe, Melvin
Hubbel, Lawrence
Humiston, Frank
Humiston, Rex Jr.
Hunter, Donald
Hunter, Madolyn
Hunter, Raymond
Helm, Raymond
Inman, George
Jenson, Leslie
Jensen, Lewis
Jensen, Percy
Jneson, Raymond
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Francis
Johnston, Roscoe
Jones, Martha R.N.
Kaplan, Charles
Keesler, Gleason
Keesler, Leland
Kemp, Kenneth
Kerstien, William
Kerwin, Loretta
Kerwin, Vincent
Kille, Harold
King, Richard
Kingsbury, Albert
Kingsbury, Clinton
Kingsbury, Edwin
Kinne Allan
Klein, Jeanne
Knapp, Claude
Knight, Richard
Knight, William
Kuhn, Charles

Lakin, Floyd
Laraway, S.C.
Latosky, John
LaValley, Leonard
Leahy, Florence R.N.
Lechner, George
Lechner, Joseph
Leonard, Charles
Leonard, Danile
Leonard, Robert
LeRoy, Russell
LeRoy, Walter
Lewis, Augustis
Liddle, Winfred
Lindner, Allen
Linkroum, Leon
Linkroum, Sterling
Lockwood, Ernest
Lockwood, G.
Lockwood, Raymond
Loller, Charles
Lombardi, Edward
Lombardi, Tony
Lord, W.C.
Lupien, Eva
Lupien, George
MacFetrich, H.
Mackin, Frank
Mallory, Robert
Malone, Ernile
Marine, Robert
Marino, Donald
Marks, George
Marsh, P.F.
Martin, Sidney
Mason, Hnery F.
May, Norman
Maynock, William
McClure, Glen
McGar, Elmer
Robert Everest 
McGranaghan, A.
McGranaghan, Donald
McGranaghan, Francis
McGranaghan, Paul
McGranaghan, Robert
McGranaghan, John
McKay, George
McKay, Truman
Mead, Raymond
Meader, Kenneth
Meader, Shiela
Merwin, Gordon
Miller, Charles
Mills, James
Misner, Clarence
Misner, Shirley
Misner, Walter
Mitterwager, Russell
Mohrmann, Fred
Monteleone, Mary
Moran, J.K.
Moran, John
Morgan, Charles
Morse, Clayton
Murphy, Jack
Milk, Theodore
Miller, James
Norwood, Douglas
Novak, Frank
O'Boyle, Frank
O'Boyle, John
O'Dell, Kingsley
O'Dell, Richard
O'neill, William
Oestrich, Gerald E.
Oestrich, Irvin Jr.

Offnick, Dorothy
Offnick, Gladys
Offnick, John
Osterhout, R.J.
Osterhout, Victor
Ostrander, Harold
Ostrander, Ivan
Ostrander, Lewis
Palm, Larmer
Palm, Lawrence
Peake, Edward L.
Peaslee, Loren
Peck, Stewart
Perry, Henry
Peterson, Harry
Peterson, Ivan
Peterson, Paul
Phelps, Kenneth
Phelps, Raymond
Phelps, Thomas
Phelps, William
phillips, Milton
Porter, George B.
Possemato, Anthony
Possemato,  Joseph
Possemato, Patsy
Possemato, Ralph
Powell, Clayton
Price, Donald
Quick, Arthur
Ramburg, James
Ramburg, William
Randall, Wilbur
Ray, Albert
Ray,  Edward
Ray, John
Reed, John
Rees, Robert
Rees, Norman
Reichman, Wesley
Reichman, William
Reynolds, Keith
Rhinebeck, Harold
Rhodes, Henry
Paul, Ricco
Richard, Lawrence
Richard, Stewart
Rillo, John

Ripperger, John
Robinson, Arthur
Rogers, Bernard
Rogers, Forrest
Rolland, Bernard
Ronk, Donald
Ronk, George
Rood, Duane
Rotzler, Paul
Rowe, Jack
Rowe, Robert
Rowe, Samuel N.
Rudgenas, John
Russell, John, Jr.
Russell, Joseph
Rynearson, Earl
Rynearson, Fred
Rynearson, Robert
Reed, Wilbur W.
Ronk, Ray C.

Salisbury, Paul
Sands, James
Sands, William
Shaffer, Bernard
Schermerhorn, Walter
Schneider, Harold
Schofield, H.E.
Schofield, Harold
Scoville, H.E.
Scoville, W.A.
Scrumm, Arthur
Seamans, Elma
Sencovich, Frances
Sencovich,  George
Searles, Harold
Shaffer, Kenneth
Shakespeare, Fred
Sharp, Edward
Sharp, Smith
Sheable, Harold
Scherer, Milton
Scherer, Norman
Simon. Edward
Skinner, Robert
Sklenarik, Robert F.
Smith, A.J.
Smith, Thomas
Snow,  Fred T.
Somers, Evnford
Somers, Russell
Sott, Joseph
Sparks, Leland
Squires, Fred
Squires, Leon
Squires, Raymond
Standfast, Nancy
Stanton, John
Stanton, Robert
Steenrod, Edward
Steenrod, Edwin
Stephens, Kermit
Stevens, Ward
Stevenson, Willard
Stewart, Joseph
Supensky, Alfred
Supera, Jules
Swartout, Arnold
Swope, Edward
Stephens, Edward
Stephens, Mary Ellen
Supensky, Alwin
Spencer, Floyd P.
Taylor, Robert
Tinklepaugh, R.

Todd, Warren 
Todd, Herman 
Tompkins, Clyde
Turner, George Jr.
Turner, R. L.
Urban, Ted 
Vander Voort, C.R.
Van Dusen, Earl
Van Etten, Frederica
Van Loan, Donald
Van Tyle, Clifford
Vaughn, Edwin
Vitale, Carme
Vitale, Frank
Vitale, John
Vitale, Samuel
Vosburg, Herbert
Vetrone, Patsy
Wahl, Clarence
Wahl, Donald
Wahl, Lewis
Warfield, Claude
Warfield, Fred
Warfiled, Merle
Weller, Carl
Weller, John
Werner, Edmund
Wheeler, Dean B.
Wheeler, Robert D.
Wheeler, William D.
Whitaker, james
White, John
Whiting, Ralph
Whiting, Roy E.
Wilbur, Reed W.
Williams, Merton
Winans, Roy

Winfield, John Wesley
Woolsey, F.M. Jr.
Wormuth, Clifford
Wormuth, Clyde

Wormuth, Ivan
Wormuth, Howard
Wormuth, Merlin
Wormuth, Merton
Wormuth, Warren

Wright, William P.
Wright, Winfred H.
Wrighter, Gail W.
Webster, Elma
Webster, Bruce C.
York, Dorothy
Young, Donald R.
Young, Elmer
York, Edward C.
Zurn, Elmer





"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."
Winston Churchill


:: Gold Star Boys ::


Anderson, Craig  US Army
Secord, Eugene E.  Army
DaBrescia, Alfred  USAF
Possemato, Scotchy 
Possemato, Pielo 
Hunter, Alfred USAF
Taylor, Bob US Army
Sklenarik, Frank M. USM

Tobin, Jack USAF
Rowe, Samuel N. US Army
Davis, Lester C. US Army
Weyrauch, Carlyle  US Army 
Soules, Henry G. Jr., US Army
Holbert, Clyde Monroe Jr. USAF
Crawford, Jim US Army
Martin, Peter L USAF




"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

Bertrand Russel


:: Gold Star Boys ::
Allan Milk, USMC.    Gregory Werner, US Army
Norman Thomas,  USN.    Dennis Dumond, USMC


DaBrescia, Gerald  USAF
Iozzi, Joseph  US Army
Jackman, Dennis  US Navy
Schoonmaker, Gary  US Army
 Possemato, Nicholas  USAF
Milk, Allan  USMC
Bell, John USAF
Doolittle, Victor  USAF
Wahl, Harry US Army
Wormuth, Morris USAF
Hall, Stuart US Army
Hawley, Lowell US Army
Herzog, Dave US Army
Homer, James US Army
Homer, Jack US Army
Hazen, Randy USMC
Hunt, Guerdon USMC
Kellam, Walter US Army
Lepro, Brian US Army
Leroy Jr., William Army
Llewellyn, Larry USAF
Meade, Keith USMC

Christian, William R.  USMC

Werner, Greg  US Army
Kulikowski, Tim US Army
Bouchoux, Gerald  USAF

Eskow, Gerry  USAF
Gordon, John  US Army
Hall,  Mike  US Army
Meade, Norman  USMC
Couse, Howie US Army
Mackin, Gerry  US Army

Macey, William E USAF
Macey, Steven E Vietnam USAF
Shellman, George  US Navy
Kulikowski, Tom  US Army
Offnick, Peter J.  US Navy 
Ostrander, Roger US Army
Adams, Tom USMC
Baier, Bill US Army
Brush, Jon US Army
Bush, Douglas US Army
DuMond, Chauncey US Army
Dumond, Dennis USMC
Gustin, Thomas USMC
Phelps, Ray US Army
Porosky, Ted USMC
Paluch, Joe US Army

Doyon, Roy US Army
Somers, Jim  US Army

Evanitsky, Alex  US Army
Evanitsky, John USAF
Malinski, John  US Army
Turner, Bruce  US Army
Branning, Peter  US Army
Parker, Phil  USAF
LeRoy, William F.  Jr. US Army
Edwards, Denton US Navy
Darling, Ted USAF
Smith, Steve US Army
Raymond, Bob US Army
Tinklepaugh, John US Army
Thomas, Norman US Navy
Todd, Larrie US Army
Tuttle, Stuart US Army
Vaughn, Ray USMC
Watson, Rich USAF
Watson, Pete US Army

White, Edward F. US Navy
Whitlock, Ralph US Army
Wormuth, Morris US Army

Wormuth, Ronald W  US Navy

Woodmansee, Lee US Army
Wright, Penny US Army
Swartwout, Dennis USAF

Vandermark, John (Charles) US ARMY




"I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy."
John Adams


Desert Storm

:: Gold Star Boys ::


:: Gold Star Boys ::

Conte, Frank James  USMC
Shellman, George  US Navy
Keesler, Gregory A.  US Army

Ricky S. Herzog Sr. US Army

White, Edward R  USN
Edwards, Harold James USMC


Iraqi Freedom


"If we don't end war, war will end us."
H. G. Wells


:: Gold Star Boys ::
Cameron Hall, USN   Justin Whiting, US Army


Brown, Francis  US Navy

Christian , Joseph M.  USMC 

Shepherd, Stacy  US Army
Shepherd, Daren  US Army
 Barnes, Jr. Luke  US Army
Cameron Hall, USN 

White, Edward R   USN

Whiting, Justin  US Army
Whitt, David  US Army
Whitt, Steven  USAF
Scoville, Andrew J.  US Navy





"War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today. "
John F. Kennedy


:: Gold Star Boys ::


Brown, Francis  US Navy

White, Edward R.   US Navy



If you know anyone that served in the U.S. Military during World War I or II, Korea, Viet Nam, Bosnia,

Desert Storm, Afghanistan, or Iraqi  Freedom, please let us know via e-mail using "Vet" in the Subject line.
Please indicate in which conflict they served along with the branch of service. Thank you.